MagSafe Car Mount Wireless Charging. Any Vent! Any Car!

Wireless charging vent mount that works with the newest iPhones (and even old dogs like Samsung galaxy s7) and every smartphones with Qi wireless charging

  • Fast charging
  • Strong magnet
  • Compatible with all Qi smartphones
  • Install on any vent

$99 $59 (save $40.00)

  • Fast charging
  • Strong magnet
  • Compatible with all Qi smartphones
  • Install on any vent

How does it work?

All you need to do is place your phone on the mount and it'll automatically start charging. The mount will always be connected to the car's USB outlet (USB included).

Simply connect it to any vent and it's set for life. No need to plug and unplug the cable to your smartphone every time you enter the car.

Plus, if you don't own iPhone with MagSafe, there are metal plates included in each package.

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"If you're going on a business trip you must have one of this" - ZDNET.COM, Matthew McWhite

Can you charge your phone with it?

The Montar AIR is designed to work with all Qi-supported devices. We've tested it with the newest iPhones and even old dogs like Galaxy S7.

If your phone supports wireless charging, the Montar AIR will be able to charge it.

For those who don't have a MagSafe device, we've included metal plates in each package, so you'll be able to use it with all smartphones.


The choice of rally drivers

Thanks to the durability and material quality, I’m confident in calling the Montar the ideal phone holder for car enthusiasts.

Will it work with your car?

Yes! It'll work with your car. It doesn't matter if you're driving a brand new Tesla or Fiat UNO 1995 (ok, not sure about this car as I don't remember if they had an air conditioner back there, but you got the point...).

As long as your car has an air conditioner vent, the Montar AIR will work. Clip it on the vent, and place your phone on top of it.

When you're good at something people talk about it

Montar is an ideal car mount for any device, whether holding an iPhone or a Samsung Note or even a GPS unit. And I love that I can pop in and pop out my phones with a single hand.

Video Producer

Its adjustability means your Phone will fit even if you use a bulky case to protect it, no doubt it's the best mount out there.

Staff Writer

If you are looking for something super rigid, the MONTAR by WinnerGear is a suction cup and sticky surface mount in one that actually allow you to mount it to your dash.

Award-winning Journalist

It Won't Block Your View

We know some car mounts might block your view. Do you know what I'm talking about? Those dashboard and windshield car mounts (to be honest, we also used to sell those back in the days). Now there's a new way to "hold" your phone while driving. First, it won't block your view, which is awesome. Second, because it's on the vent, your phone won't get hot in the summer. Third, you can easily rotate it with one hand and it's always in front of your eyes.

Est in 2013 and Trusted by the most prestigious websites in the gadgets coverage industry

Look! It'll NEVER EVER fall

Have you ever used one of those magnetic car mounts? Those $10 cheap ones drop your expensive smartphone the moment you'd need it the most.

First, that's because they're using 1-2 magnets. Second, that's because even the 2 magnets they do use are extremely small.

The Montar AIR uses 8 premium n52 magnets to make sure your smartphone won't fall even when you'll go off-road

Your phone might never run out of battery again

If there's one thing that I hate is charging my iPhone, and lately, with all the apps installed on it, it became a nightmare. I thought buying a Tesla with a huge screen would make me stop looking at my smartphone while driving but I'm addicted! I know, it's a problem and I do all I can to NOT touch my phone while driving, but I have to look at the screen once in a while when I get a call or notification (again - I do NOT touch it! But I do need to have it in front of my eyes).

That's why a car mount is a necessary product for me, but the fact that I always had to keep buying those chargers, car adapters, and cables - that was a real drag.

Montar AIR puts an end to all the chaos - It's a tiny and durable vent mount that makes sure your smartphone is always charged.

There's only one type-c cable, and it's always connected to your Montar AIR mount. That's it! No more plugging and unplugging while driving, which is not only dangerous but also breaks the plugs in your cable as you never get it on the first time, right?

The main issue with other Qi (wireless charging) car mounts is the fact that they're extremely bulky and because they're so bulky and heavy, you must install it on your dashboard or windshield and it blocks your view (and illegal in some countries).

Most of the charging mounts where too bulky and had to be installed on a flat surface


Our Fastest Magnetic Wireless Charging Vent Car Mount (that works with all Qi phones)

"It's probably my last car mount" - Daniel Hadarov, 4x4MiddleEast Roads

Just look at it, it's the sexiest car mount we've ever made.

What I love about it the most is the fact that it's so small I can take it with me wherever I go and it doesn't leave any marks on the dashboard or windshield like those mounts with the suction cup.

All you need to do is:

1. Install it on your vent

2. Connect the type-c cable from your car's USB to the mount (it's included)

3. Place your smartphone on the mount - And that's it!

Thanks to the magnets it'll attach your smartphone and also start charging it

This is why they claim it's the best

1. Anti-corrosion scratch proof coat

Wait! What? Yes! This nice carbon coating is not just something to make your car mount look more premium it's actually protects your car mount from scratches. At the end of the day, if your mount won't be smooth it might even scratch your smartphone, so we took the extra mile to make sure the Montar AIR will be the ultimate car mount for your smartphone.

2. Easy installation for any car

This mount will never fall! There's a locking mechanism on the Montar AIR and it'll work on any vent. All you need to do is push the button and slide the mount into your vent. The mount is lightweight and won't even rotate your vent, even when a large 6" smartphone is installed on it. Thanks to the unique shape of the clamp, it'll never fall off your vent, even if you go offroad.

3. USB-C port 15W smart chip

This is our fastest wireless charging car mount, and all you need to do is connect the type-C cable into the car mount and to your car's outlet (any USB port would work).

3. 360 degree rotation one-hand usage

The best thing about the Montar AIR is the fast that you can rotate it 360 degrees, install your smartphone in vertical or horizontal mode, and it's all done quickly with one hand

The Best Value for Money you can get

MONTAR AIR is probably the best mount we've ever made.

We know that some durable high-end mounts can reach $150, especially the durable ones that you need to screw some stuff inside of it in order for it to work.

But let's face it, as long as it makes our smartphone stay still, the job is done! Regardless of the complexity of the mechanism behind it.

Plus, you'll be able to charge your smartphone while using it.

To be honest? If your smartphone does NOT support wireless charging, you should probably go with a cheaper and more simple car mount.

However, if your phone supports it, the MONTAR AIR might change your life! Seriously, I know it sounds dramatic, but not only it'll charge your phone, keep it stable while driving and you'll have eye contact with it if required, but it also doesn't block your view. What else can you ask from a phone car mount?

Oh, and it doesn't leave any marks on your dashboard and windshield, that's my favorite part.

It retails for $99 and you can get it today for only $59 with FREE tracked shipping and 60 days money-back guarantee to try and return it for a full refund.

Shipped from Miami, Flordia (not from China, and it doesn't take ages to arrive), and on top of the 60-day money-back guarantee, you'll have 2 years of warranty in case it breaks for any reason (not if your dog ate it or you broke it somehow. You'll be surprised what Emails we get from customers... - Bottom line, if it's OUR fault, we promise to take care of it! No questions asked! We're in business for over a decade, selling car mounts, and have been reviewed by every leading expert out there. If you want to make a smart purchase, you're at the right place, hit the button below to get your MONTAR AIR today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What the warranty covers?

Answer Battery, manufacturing damage, motor, PCB, housing. It doesn't cover water damage.

Question: Will it work with my iPhone?

Answer Any iPhone with MagSafe will work flawlessly without any accessory, and any other Qi smartphone would just need to attach a metal plate (included in the package)

Question: How can I be sure it'll work with my car?

Answer As long as you have a vent in your car, you'll be able to install it.

Question: Does it have a built-in battery?

Answer No! Because then it'd be too heavy to remain stable on the vent

Question: The cable included?

Answer Yes, the USB type-c cable included

Question: Can I use my own cable to use the Montar Air?

Answer Sure, any type-c will work

Question: Where you ship it from?

Answer We're shipping from Miami, FL with FedEx, USPS, and DHL.


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